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Only 7000 Words, Part 2

Doctor Toms Rant - Blogged
After reading more of the 2012 State of the Union and trying to absorb the "same old-same old" from his 2010 and 2011 State of the Union speech, I was again reminded of the overt blatant lies included in Obama's speech. it is amazing to me that this man thinks he can repeat his false facts over and over and expect America to believe the. Yet, there are those of us who do and who will. Why? They either are blind and deaf to the obvious going on in Washington, or they do not have the where-with-all to read, listen, absorb, and think about what this flimflam man is saying.
For instance:
1. He speaks constantly and repetitively about his "pro-energy" and jobs agenda. His agenda is SOLAR, an entity that is growing slower that our sickening US economy! He has already burned billions of dollars on this failed policy. Solar will never be able to energize this oil based economy of this country. He knows it and we know it, but his disdain for the oil community and oil itself is overwhelming except for the fuel he uses to fly around the country campaigning and vacationing. On top of this, he vetoes the Keystone XL Project which may well produce overall 100,000 related jobs.
2. His ban on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is on its way to costing America over $4 billion and 19,00o jobs.
2 .He calls for less government regulations , yet he and his puppet agencies as the EPA continue to slap on more and more regulations.
3.And again, as usual, he blames the Republicans and demands the payroll tax cut be extended when the Republicans were the ones that wanted it extended for 1 year, not 2 months.