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Once, Also A Gun Free Zone!

Many of you may think this not possible here in America! Many of you may well be wrong  if we allow the Constitution to be ravaged!

The American Rule Should Be Eliminated

In Jackson, Ohio, The ACLU brought suit for just 5 individuals against the school system for having painting of Jesus on the wall. It had been there for 50 years. The school removed it because the suit would have cost $2M in attorney fees even if they won. This is an example of the American Rule and why it should be abolished.
Have you even heard of the “American Rule?” I suspect very few folks have ever heard of this entity, but they do know what it is. Essentially it states that each side of a civil legal case is responsible for its own court costs no matter the outcome of the litigation. I also suspect very few know exactly how this came about as well.
The Treaty of Paris, ending the American Revolution, specified that the British could sue new America citizens for debts owed them. To make it more difficult to do so, state legislatures passed a law know as “The American Rule.” This law made it more improbable that the British would sue for their debts since they would need to…