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Here's The Real Difference, Folks!

A Pseudo-Elitist Denigrating the Military

A Cartoon is Worth 1000 words!

Now You'll Understand!


Balanced Budget Amendment Could Do It

"The last time the national debt exceeded 100 percent of gross domestic product was during World War II, when the Unite States assumed massive debt to fund the war effort. During the past decade, the national debt has skyrocketed to $16.5 trillion while for the fourth year in a row Congress has failed to produce an annual federal budget. The Compact for America (CFA), which proposes that state legislatures use an interstate compact to advance a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), could reduce the national debt to acceptable levels, says Nick Dranias, director of the Center for Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute.
The Balanced Budget Amendment would require a majority of state legislatures to approve any increase above an initial debt limit. Advancing a balanced budget requirement through interstate compact allows states to utilize their sovereign power under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, which authorizes states to originate constitutional amendm…

An Unfolding Nightmare!

"Barack Obama’s America is a place where the president’s daughters can vacation on the taxpayers’ dime in the Caribbean and twice at ski resorts, all within three months, plus attend ritzy private schools, while poor black children at horribly failing schools in the District of Columbia have their “opportunity scholarships” taken away.
Barack Obama’s America is one where a black man can be elected president and a black man can be appointed attorney general, and then where both they and their sub-appointees can argue that huge parts of America are still fundamentally racist.
Barack Obama’s America is one where foreign terrorists captured abroad should be tried in American courts, with full American procedural rights, but where American citizens who aren’t an immediate threat can be killed by remote control without benefit of charges, trials or convictions.
Barack Obama’s America is one where black applicants who easily pass an entrance exam for the fire academy in Ne…