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Is The Tide Turning?

The major news networks seem to have missed this  from the anniversary parade of the  Martin Luther King Jr. speech in Washington last week.

I Guess They Weren't So Up For It!

Liberalism is...

". . .  most people will reject liberalism if it is presented honestly and transparently. If they (liberals) were honest about liberalism they would lose the majority of their supporters. They lie because they have no confidence in their policies. If liberals told the truth, it would be the end of liberalism. They lie because truth does not serve them well.The truth does not help them advance their agenda.

Why does liberalism have to be a lie? At its core liberalism is itself a lie. A central, overarching belief of liberalism is that socialism and centralization of power are beneficial to societies and humanity.

That belief is a lie. It is a lie that permeates and infects all that they say and do. Socialism has been a failure wherever it’s been tried and they know it. They lie to themselves and to everyone else.

They lie because they get away with lying. They succeed because their supporters are gullible.

Arrogance is why they can lie with a clear conscience. It is the widespread app…