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Quote of the Day

"The demonization of Nunes is a window into our times. We hunt for mythical Russian collusion while foreign collusion between Christopher Steele and his Russian sources is ignored. Progressives who claim an affinity for the middle classes demonize farmers as hicks. A supposedly noble press prints fakes news and traces down someone's long-dead great-grandmother to suggest divided loyalties.” Victor Davis Hanson

Yep, the left has nothing to offer, so they use race, gender, religion, sex as weapons to falsely demean, deride, smear, and divide as well as propagating lies and deceit. Just check out Diane Feinstein's recent vile attempt to smear Judge Kavanaugh. There has been absolutely no rational idea, solution, or benefits for America from these Trump-deranged people.
The problem that we face is the ignorant, stupid, and hard core indoctrinated people of this country who believe all the rotten and vile guff they hear and see. This fact is born out on the social media outlets w…

Classless Clowns and Their Circus

OMG, did anyone watch the Kavanaugh hearings? If you did, how long could you stomach the clown circus on the right of the semicircle in front of him? Did you make it over 30 minutes. If you did, you must have been on drugs!

Unfortunately, the hearing was televised, and there is nothing worse than giving a unhinged crazed politician a TV platform to perform on and hear himself talk. Case in point: Booker and Harris, both vying for the 2020 Democrat candidate to run against Trump; the obvious Schumer induced orchestration of the daily DNC talking points; the paid-to-protest demonstrators screaming laughable insane comments much too long before being escorted out of the room.

Those of us who wanted to see Judge Kavanaugh answer the questions that many of us had ourselves were totally embarrassed by the actions, words, and inappropriate interruptions of Blumenthal, Harris, Booker, and others on the left as they created a clown circus that was only lacking for the tiny multicolored car the…


Face it, it has been the parents fault for 50 years that we let the socialists intervene between us and our children. Many parents used the schools as babysitters and never tried to teach our children the real truths about life, our nation’s history, right from wrong, evil from good, and nurturing  the the ability to think for themselves. Instead, we let the regressive progressives and liberals invalidate our morals, the truth about our nation, and our laws, The Constitution and our conservative opinions of individual responsibility, smaller government, less onerous and burdensome regulations, and lower taxes and, allowed them to fill our children’s minds with failed liberal garbage by changing or eliminating history, over spending our taxes dollars, raising taxes, building government to an uncontrollable behemoth and then usurp the moral high ground by shaming and oppressing our children when they voice their questions and concerns about what they are being taught.

Through all of tho…