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Democrats are the MOB!

"Yes, the Democratic mob exists, and it is very real. It is a faction that aims to disrupt our representative government in an uncivilized manner. They are the reason for the Justice Brett Kavanaugh outrage, the senseless attack of the GOP’s charity baseball team last year, and Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) wife Kelley sleeping with a loaded gun on her bedside table. The mob is real and while Democrats and the mainstream media try to avoid this fact, it is something that Republicans should label for what it is. It has no place in our republic. Webster's Dictionary describes a mob as “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.” The three key components to describe a mob are there being a large crowd, disorderly, and violent. Were the people outside the Capitol and Supreme Court large in size? YES! Were the large crowds disorderly? YES. Recently Jeff Fake was accosted by protesters. They forced open the doors to the elev…

Compassion vs Forced Empathy

" Not all of those ditches get dug, and not all of that money reaches the ditch diggers. So, when the left then attempts to lecture the rest of the world on how to treat people, specifically Americans, it is downright laughable.  “All men are created equal” does not guarantee you the equality of outcome, only a starting point of equality. Then it’s up to youto pursue yourhappiness…another inalienable right. The Declaration of Independence does not say “all men are created equal, but give some people a few extra points”.  That’s why reverse racism is still racism. This is part of the common confusion that surrounds the line between true compassion and forced empathy.  Those who are compassionate want our downtrodden fellow countrymen to find what they need to succeed.  Those who are forced into empathy tend to want to throw money at a problem to make it go away. This is the liberal left in a nutshell.  It’s not about doing the actual ditch digging, but, rather, identifying those w…

Exactly! The Truth Be Told!

"I’ve had to deal with liberals all my life. It never used to be personal. I considered them ignorant, not stupid. Misinformed, not selfish or evil. That’s getting harder and harder to do as I watch progressive policies lead to disastrous results. I’ve lived in California just about my whole life. I’ve seen what happens when liberals take charge. When I was growing up California was the Golden State. 

Once upon a time Ronald Reagan was our governor. And look at California now. The US News Best States Report listed California as dead last in Quality of Life. California’s PreK-12 schools ranked 44th.

Taxes are high. Our roads are terrible. Homelessness in major cities is rampant. The state is massively in debt. And it is due to the dumb as dirt voters who keep electing politicians who enact progressive policies.

I still believe that most of those who vote Democratic are not selfish or evil. However, it is harder and harder to excuse …


"For decades the national sex-ed lobby has been using sophisticated organizing tactics to defeat parents and push their radical programs into the public schools. 

Parents need to take this RADICAL STRATEGY seriously!

The basic aim is to push radical sexuality (and LGBT) information to children under the guise of “health,” and have as much of it as possible be considered “confidential” – i.e., kept from the parents’ knowledge.
Once their curriculum gets in, school systems open the doors to bringing in all kinds of bizarre and dangerous groups targeting children. For example, the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction website is involved with several radical national groups. (And Wisconsin is typical in directing teachers and children to radical websites such as SexEtc., GSAnetwork, GLSEN, Human Rights Campaign, and PFLAG.)
Overall, there is virtually no limit on what these people want to push on schoolchildren. It is extremely frightening, and parents need to take this seriously. It…