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Billy and Karen Vaughn are the parents of fallen Navy SEAL, Aaron Carson Vaughn (SEAL Team VI). On August 6, 2011 Aaron was killed in action in the Tangi River Valley of Afghanistan when a chopper (call sign Extortion 17) carrying thirty Americans was shot from the sky. Let me tell you, when a Gold Star Mom speaks, people listen. These moms have endured unimaginable loss and have earned the right to a bully pulpit. They are not some fawned over TV show host or starlet. GSMs are the stuff that made America truly great, raising kids who understand the meaning of “the last full measure of devotion.” Here are her words: Sometimes God uses the no-nonsense, salty sailor to get the job done. Appreciating what the man is doing doesn’t mean we worship the salty sailor or even desire to be like the salty sailor. It doesn’t even mean God admires the salty sailor. Maybe He just knows he’s necessary for such a time as this. I believe with all my heart that God placed that salty sailor in the Whit…
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Has anyone ever wondered why so many liberals seek academia and higher education as a profession?

Probably because they are allowed to do so because the knowledgeable, rational, conservative thinking people opt to go into business rather than seek refuge in liberal arts, humanities and fields of gender and ethnic studies and then indoctrinate their politically correct leftist’s ideas and oppose the conservative right's rather than teach.

"People get angry at what they don’t understand, and an all-progressive education ensures that they don’t understand. The conservative hears the progressive’s latest demands and says, “I can see how you might come to that conclusion, but I think you’ve overlooked the following…” In contrast, the progressive hears the conservative and thinks, “I have no idea why you would believe that. You’re probably a racist.” Matthew Blackwell

7 Times The Cost????

The following article deals with realities involved with electric cars.  Similarly, if we all go to solar electric panels and are “selling” electricity back to the grid, at what point will the owners of the grid demand payment for us to be hooked up to their grid?? Well, as Gomer Pyle would have said, “SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!”  I guess some people’s idea of efficiency is a bit different than mine.Canadian Comments On Electric Powered Vehicles For USA People - INTERESTING !!  IT WOULD SEEM THAT IF ELECTRIC CARS DO NOT USE GASOLINE, THEY WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN PAYING GASOLINE TAX ON EVERY GALLON THAT IS SOLD FOR AUTOMOBILES, WHICH WAS ENACTED SOME YEARS AGO TO HELP TO MAINTAIN YOUR ROADS AND BRIDGES.  THEY WILL USE THE ROADS, BUT WILL NOT PAY FOR THEIR MAINTENANCE!
Keep in mind the California Legislature is considering placing a mileage tax on motor vehicles.Ever since the advent of electric cars, the REAL cost per mile has never been discussed.  All you ever hear is the mpg in terms of…