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He  was getting old and paunchy
And his hair was falling fast,
And he sat around the Legion,
Telling stories of the past.
Of  a war that he once fought in
And the deeds that he had done,
In his exploits with his buddies;
They were heroes, every one.
And  'tho sometimes to his neighbors
His tales became a joke,
All his buddies listened quietly

For they knew where of he spoke.
But  we'll hear his tales no longer,
For ol' Joe has passed away,
And the world's a little poorer

For a Veteran died today.
He won't be mourned by many, 
Just his children and his wife.
For he lived an ordinary,
Very quiet sort of life.
He held a job and raised a family,
Going quietly on his way;
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"Thanks to the Left's control of the House and the news media, Americans will be kept in a fevered state.
I  rarely make predictions — whether of election results or anything else. My policy has always been to say what I believeshouldbe done, not whatwillbe done. I am making an exception with regard to America in 2019. 2019 will be a dark year in America.
Thanks to the Left’s control of the House of Representatives and the news media, Americans will be kept in a fevered state throughout 2019 — with innumerable hearings, exposés, criminal investigations, and possible indictments of those around the president and the president himself. Truth will not be the point. Defamation will. Anything that might muddy the president, no matter how spurious, no matter how thin the evidence, will be pursued with gusto. The media will drop “bombshell” after “bombshell.” If lives and careers are ruined, so much the better; no one should be associating with this president anyway, as far as the Le…




Here are some of Trumps accomplishments.
Economic Growth
4.2 percent growth in the second quarter of 2018.
For the first time in more than a decade, growth is projected to exceed 3 percent over the calendar year. Jobs
4 million new jobs have been created since the election, and more than 3.5 million since Trump took office.
More Americans are employed now than ever before in our history.
Jobless claims at lowest level in nearly five decades.
The economy has achieved the longest positive job-growth streak on record.
Job openings are at an all-time high and outnumber job seekers for the first time on record.
Unemployment claims at 50 year low
African-American, Hispanic, and Asian-American unemployment rates have all recently reached record lows.
African-American unemployment hit a record low of 5.9 percent in May 2018.
Hispanic unemployment at 4.5 percent.
Asian-American unemployment at record low of 2 percent.
Women’s unemployment …


Democrats are the MOB!

"Yes, the Democratic mob exists, and it is very real. It is a faction that aims to disrupt our representative government in an uncivilized manner. They are the reason for the Justice Brett Kavanaugh outrage, the senseless attack of the GOP’s charity baseball team last year, and Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) wife Kelley sleeping with a loaded gun on her bedside table. The mob is real and while Democrats and the mainstream media try to avoid this fact, it is something that Republicans should label for what it is. It has no place in our republic. Webster's Dictionary describes a mob as “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.” The three key components to describe a mob are there being a large crowd, disorderly, and violent. Were the people outside the Capitol and Supreme Court large in size? YES! Were the large crowds disorderly? YES. Recently Jeff Fake was accosted by protesters. They forced open the doors to the elev…

Compassion vs Forced Empathy

" Not all of those ditches get dug, and not all of that money reaches the ditch diggers. So, when the left then attempts to lecture the rest of the world on how to treat people, specifically Americans, it is downright laughable.  “All men are created equal” does not guarantee you the equality of outcome, only a starting point of equality. Then it’s up to youto pursue yourhappiness…another inalienable right. The Declaration of Independence does not say “all men are created equal, but give some people a few extra points”.  That’s why reverse racism is still racism. This is part of the common confusion that surrounds the line between true compassion and forced empathy.  Those who are compassionate want our downtrodden fellow countrymen to find what they need to succeed.  Those who are forced into empathy tend to want to throw money at a problem to make it go away. This is the liberal left in a nutshell.  It’s not about doing the actual ditch digging, but, rather, identifying those w…