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Political Correctness Strikes Again!!

"The left will defend the nonsense we hear and see under the guise of art, film or music -- where the anti-religious, anti-God crowd cheers the artistic expressions of those who would profane decency or place Jesus on a stick and submerge the fixture in a jar of urine and then defend it. Vile language and sexual themes are defended every day by the left. 
The undiluted truth -- to those addicted or married to their sin -- is like fire or light or garlic to a vampire. It angers them. It hits deep. It presses on their tender conscience like poking a bruise. It makes them hiss and spit. It brings out the true essence of what is inside them. Apply pressure and the truth of what is inside will come pouring out. Squeeze an orange and you get orange juice. Simple truth, because that is the essence of an orange, that is what is inside. Apply the pressure of truth, with those comfortable with repulsive sin and vile behavior and what gushes forth is not tolerance and understan…

Once Again......

Once Again, Obama Exposes His Irreverence and Narcissism at Nelson Mandela's Funeral.

These Are One of America's Problem

RINOs are complicit with allowing the Democrats to push their agenda.  This is a species that needs to be eradicated in order for America to turn itself around.