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Nothing Has Changed in 62 Years!

The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same!!  

Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish

Democratic Representative Barney Frank of Massachusetts announced Monday that he will not seek re-election in 2012, ending a 32-year career in the House.
Frank, the top Democrat on the Financial Services Committee, will leave a political legacy most likely highlighted by the sweeping Wall Street regulatory reform that he drafted with former Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) which was enacted last year. The Dodd-Frank bill clamped down on lending practices and expanded consumer protections in an effort to prevent a repeat of the 2008 economic meltdown.This horrendous bill has added more problems to the private sector and small businesses with an inordinate amount of rules and regulations that make it impossible for businesses to get out from under the already oppressive air of the finanacial crisis.
The 71-year-old Congressman has also been recognized as the Nation’s most powerful openly homosexual elected official. Frank was involved in a scandal two decades ago when he used his Congressiona…

Stop Funding Those Countries That Hate US!

There are 190 countries on earth and the the United States of America donates foreign aid to 150 of them. This is an incredible amount of money that is and has been spent every year for decades. And what do we get in return? I believe it is very little. Take the case of Pakistan. We give foreign aid in the billions to this country and get escalating lies and deceit. They even hid Usama Bin Ladin within less than a mile from their training camps. Others receive the money and use it for the elite of the country, and we think we are getting some loyalty from it. This is the case in many countries. We are dealt opposing votes in the U.N. by many of these governments, and yet we continue to fund them. In fact, there are governments that should not receive a dime, yet our Congress does not make any attempt to stop the funding of these countries. Why is that? Are we afraid they may not like us? Does the government really believe when it comes to push to shove, those countries will stand with …

Obama's Policy of No God!

President Obama gave his weekly radio address, one devoted to Thanksgiving, by praising U.S. service members and volunteers at shelters and soup kitchens.
The president outlined the many ways that Americans were coming together and the various things he was thankful for, but not once thanked God.
Doesn't this tell you something about the character of Obama. Even if one were of a different religion or did not believe, wouldn't you think the president of the United States would mention God in his address just to appease the 85% of Americans who believe in God?
Most true politicans would hide their faith in other entities so as to fool others into thinking he was one of them, but, NO, Obama has the audacity and arrogance to flaunt his non-faith in God in front of millions of Americans and not bat an eye in doing so.
This, above all the other dastardly acts of temerity, shows the true being of this man: HE IS NOT ONE OF US. HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF US, AND WE SHOULD PROVE TO HIM T…

Pelosi Either Lies or Doesn't Give a Damn!

"It's Both!!
Is Pelosi Really That Stupid?Earlier this week, Representative (and former Speaker) Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ventured out of her protective radical leftist cocoon and went on to The Daily Show to chat with Jon Stewart. She probably thought it would be safe, but she forgot that every now and then Stewart suddenly has these urges to show he’s not 100% in the tank for the left. This time, he asked Pelosi a very simple question that she should have expected: why did the House, in her last two years of control, not even try to pass a federal budget?Pelosi’s answer was so stunningly stupid and wrong, it needs to be scrutinized in depth “Because the Republicans would have filibustered.”  <> (Please view this interview and realize how ditsy and full of incredible BS this woman is. There is no better evidence of hiding the truth and spinning on…

One Man's Decision - The Rest of America be Damned!

What is most incredible about the article below is that one man can deal a crippling blow to both job growth and oil independence within a fleeting second of political  gamesmanship. There is absolutely no reason for this decision other than his wanting to balance his support from the unions and environmentalists who will, no doubt, be in his corner in 2012. Other than those groups, Obama does not give a damn about the rest of our country!!Obama's Indefensible Pipeline Punt"President Obama has decided not to consider the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline until after the 2012 election.  Should the president choose to cancel the construction of the massive line, he will not only sacrifice thousands of American jobs in constructing and maintaining the pipeline, but will also jeopardize America's energy security, says Vaclav Smil of the American Enterprise Institute. Canada is the single-largest provider of America's imported crude oil and refined oil products, supplying 21…

What Unions Have Successfully Done

I thought Americans should know how much wool has been pulled over the eyes of the public as well as many uninformed union members. We have been told for years that the unions are in place to "protect the workers," a noble thing to do. In the early 1900's, unions were needed to protect the workers from unscrupulous owners, but in today's world, it would leak out in seconds if a corporation mistreated or did not, at least, listen to worker grievances, if true and substantial. Also, the workers now have legal recourse whether in unions or not, and, overall, the entire workplace situation is totally different.

Unions are run for the express purpose of establishing power in the democrat party, period. Unions are using forced paid dues to "donate" to democrat candidates with the expressed hope to negotiate with them for more union backed legislation.It IS that simple, folks!!

Now if you really want to know what the unions have really done for the manufacturing s…

"It's Your Turn to Find an Issue" Policy

“Over the course of the past year and half, the Obama Administration has secretly assembled a bureaucratic army of red tape to wage a war against our nation’s immigration laws. After any hope of forcing Congress to grant amnesty was quashed in the mid-term elections, it became clear to the president that to get his way, he would have to ultimately undermine the rule of law. Since Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has abandoned its role in immigration enforcement, individual states have picked up the job. Obama has now brought out the big guns and has charged the Department of Justice (DOJ) to sue the states that are courageous enough to stand up to this administration. The DOJ first filed suit against Arizona in the summer of 2010, and while some provisions have been resolved (in AZ’s favor), the various lawsuits have been jumping from one court of appeals to another using federal and state tax dollars! Alabama is likewise tied up in litigation for working to protect their citizens …

Obamacare Could Be Found Constitutional!!

Recently, I was engaging in a conversation with a judge a short while ago. I will refrain from giving his name or where he sits.

I asked his thoughts regarding Obamacare, and he told me, in fact, he wrote an opinion that it was constitutional.

He explained that there was a Supreme Court ruling handed down in the 1940's, when the government was trying to preserve wheat in the heartland, and a law was passed that no farmer could grow wheat for the purpose of feeding his family. This legislation made it to the Supreme Court and was found constitutional.
The judge said he felt the ruling was erroneous and totally wrong, but since that time other legislations has been found constitutional under the Interstate Commerce clause and this one ruling; therefore, he felt, since there is a precedence that Obamacareto be constitutional even though he hopes Republicans win and Obamacare is repealed since he feels it will cost too much and reduce healthcare in the US. 
I responded by saying, " W…

Harry Reid's Cranial Discombobulation

You just have to wonder how far the synaptic destruction of Harry Reid's cranial neurons has progressed.
“Yesterday, in comments on the floor of the Senate, the Democrat Leader said: "While it's proper to guard against and remove onerous regulations, and we need to do that, my Republican friends have yet to produce a single shred of evidence that the regulations they hate so much do the broad economic harms they claim.  That's because there aren't any." Reid's denial is in large part his poor explanation for denying the Senate even one vote on any of the 15 regulation relief bills that have been passed by the GOP House.  Reid's ludicrous statement is also consistent with Cass Sunstein, the Regulation Czar for the Obama Administration.  When asked about all the new rules and regulations being promulgated by the Administration Sunstein said, "There has been no increase in rule making in this Administration."  The total employment at the conglomer…

A Pipe Dream

OK, I'll let you off the hook a bit. So far, some of my rants may have been a long read. But I have to tell this one bit:
So I'm listening to the TV and some spokesman for the State Department, you know, Hillary's home away from Bill, and he is discussing the Keystone Pipe Line. For those of you who have been living with the filthy, contaminated, lice carrying “occupiers” in NYC, the Keystone project is simply building a pipe line from Canada to Texas for refining oil, oil that we here in America will have magically producing gasoline. Now this project is being touted by the unions as good for the USA and the environmentalists who say it's bad. Of course, the green boys and girls are against anything on earth except maybe rain, but that's another matter. Not only will this pipe line be the first step to independence from foreign rip offs, but jobs will be created.
Of course, the usual rhetoric about how many jobs will be produced has fired up everyone on both sides,…

Hiking - An Outdoor Adventure Except When.....

This open letter has been around the internet, SO IN CASE YOU MISSED IT,  I think It is something  Americans must read and absorb so we need never have truly mindless  people performing the same stunt anywhere in the world. It is all well a good to have some misguided ideology or to opt to be totally ignorant, but please, do it in your own country where there are many other misguided and ignorant people of your ilk who will support your moronic actions. 


Having been bombarded, for more than two years, with countless
stories of the hikers held prisoner inIran, and having had quite enough
of the political correctness so invasive in our daily lexicon, I have decided
that somebody needs to say SOMETHING which is politically DIRECT about thiswhole situation. So, here we go…An open letter to the “hikers.” Dear…’Hikers,’ What the hell is wrong with you people? Do you come by your stupidity genetically,or is it a byproduct …