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'Nuf Said



We Can Stop The School Violence

From: "Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: For Immediate Release: Friday, December 14, 2012 Please Forward to Your Local Newspapers, Radio Stations, and Television News Stations Subject: Gun School For Teachers Las Vegas, Nevada: In the wake of the yet another senseless school massacre, I ask all our politicians, law enforcement officials, and school administrators one simply question: WHEN ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP AS A NATION AND PROTECT OUR CHILDREN? How many more children have to die before we will find the testicular fortitude, as a nation, to put in place REAL policies that will stop a deranged gunman in his tracks, before he can commit mass murder on innocent and defenseless children? How many times do I have to offer the nation THE solution? What the hell is wrong with the leaders of our country? Find a pair, and make the RIGHT decision to protect our children, not more of the wrong decisions that create the opportunity for the next lunatic to murder at will with zero…

Sane vs. Insane