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Hey Abbott

Hey Abbott, What About Those Unemployment Numbers?
Many folks as well as TV anchor men and radio talk show hosts are using the government's figures for unemployment. Most recently, 7.3-7.4% depending on to whom you are listening. Every month, the figure is eagerly awaited by politicians, unions, and strategists. It is an important figure to them, a figure to bounce around the court of public opinion and toss around on political fields of play. A 1/10th change either way benefits one party over the other, one host over another and one TV anchor man over his competition.
Come to think of it, this figure really has nothing to do with the real unemployment in this country, but when such a statement is made, Americans are astounded. Why not, they ask. What they don't understand is how the figure is produced, but the manner and means of its production can be extremely confusing and complicated. It is meant to be in order to keep Americans in the dark.
However, some very famous persons…

America's Waterboy Media


For decades now, the mainstream media has drastically presented whatever liberal slant they desire on the news and important issues of the day to the point that Americans are no longer privy to the pertinent facts. These media have either omitted the real facts, purposely misinformed, fabricated information, mocked proven facts, or outrightly printed or televised false information in order to confuse or deliberately sway the public for political gain of one party. Their biased reporting has, in effect, disrupted the balance of American individualism and prosperity and allowed the nation to drift toward a socialist welfare society where dependency on the government is being rewarded and hard work and entrepreneurship is punished. The abundance of the recent lies, printed or voiced,from certain organizations and journalists and from this administration, such as Obama's statements regarding Americans being able to keep their insurance and doc…