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America's Waterboy Media

Doctor Toms Rant - Blogged

For decades now, the mainstream media has drastically presented whatever liberal slant they desire on the news and important issues of the day to the point that Americans are no longer privy to the pertinent facts. These media have either omitted the real facts, purposely misinformed, fabricated information, mocked proven facts, or outrightly printed or televised false information in order to confuse or deliberately sway the public for political gain of one party. Their biased reporting has, in effect, disrupted the balance of American individualism and prosperity and allowed the nation to drift toward a socialist welfare society where dependency on the government is being rewarded and hard work and entrepreneurship is punished. The abundance of the recent lies, printed or voiced,from certain organizations and journalists and from this administration, such as Obama's statements regarding Americans being able to keep their insurance and doctors, are examples of how the media have downgraded reporting such.
It is truly time for solid and permanent change from this type of "journalism." For Americans to turn this around, the people must insist that these institutions become truthful and become the watchdogs for America rather than the water boys for a political party. Most citizens know we are proceeding in the wrong direction but do not know what to do about it, and the media does not help us.
Boycotting is a difficult way of doing so, but it may be the only way Americans can retrieve what we have lost; however, it must be attempted on a grand scale to show Americans' disdain for the purposeful elimination of vital information. It would seem reasonable to start with one media source and exert as much pressure to reduce its circulation to the point where it can't survive.
Should companies such as the New York Times should then begin to realize that their revenues are failing and NBC and others become of aware of plummeting ratings. Their failing financial bottom lines will show evidence that Americans are fed up with their biased attitudes and demand they change or go bankrupt. It will not be easy to change people's daily routines, but, the majority of Americans must realize that, despite the uphill fight, it will be worth it all to change America's course before it becomes irreversible. We also should not continue accepting the media's relentless pursuit of protecting their political party of choice at all costs. We cannot continue to allow the them to donate their time, efforts and finances to support one party over another.
The establishment of Political Action Committees has further altered the political system in the United States. Big time donations from people, corporations, institutes, and very interested parties overseas, all of whom are expecting financial favors in return, are severely corrupting our country for it is those entities that will prosper over the rest of us when it comes pay-back time. Real campaign financing must be instituted where large corporations and billionaires will have no more further say than the average American citizen.
At this time, we are not a nation "united." We have been divided by those in power in order to benefit them. Persistently fitting Americans against one another by race, gender, religion, and class is classic. For them to continue their progressive onslaught, divisive policies and biased reporting are an absolute mainstay of keeping control over us. The technique of continued misinformation and blatant lies has proven to be successful in many other countries, many of which are governed by socialists or communists. The people are kept in the dark for fear of their wakening to find that they have been duped, their freedoms usurped, and life as advertised is a sham.
As long as Americans continue as separate individuals, and we do not discuss the real issues of the day with one another with reason and rational thought rather than emotional responses being fueled by the media, it will proceed with its agenda and become an even stronger entity than it is today. That would be disastrous for all of us.