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Democrats are the MOB!

"Yes, the Democratic mob exists, and it is very real. It is a faction that aims to disrupt our representative government in an uncivilized manner. They are the reason for the Justice Brett Kavanaugh outrage, the senseless attack of the GOP’s charity baseball team last year, and Senator Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) wife Kelley sleeping with a loaded gun on her bedside table.
The mob is real and while Democrats and the mainstream media try to avoid this fact, it is something that Republicans should label for what it is. It has no place in our republic.
Webster's Dictionary describes a mob as “a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence.”
The three key components to describe a mob are there being a large crowd, disorderly, and violent. Were the people outside the Capitol and Supreme Court large in size? YES!
Were the large crowds disorderly? YES. Recently Jeff Fake was accosted by protesters. They forced open the doors to the elevator and trapped Senator Flake in to hear their story.  A few days later, people followed Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) from her office to an elevator shouting, screaming and yelling to her in a desperate attempt to force her to change her mind.
Were the large disorderly crowds violent? ABSOLUTELY, YES! The large crowds tried damaging the 17 feet tall, 13-ton, solid bronze doors of the Supreme Court, which have not been opened since 2010. The ones who were not pounding a solid bronze door waited near the road on which Justice Kavanaugh traveled to yell and scream at him and family as they rode by. Others, who supported the nomination and confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh were spit on, had things thrown at them, cursed at, degraded, and had signs ripped from their grasp. This all happened in a matter of hours and was truly violent.
Despite all of this blatant violence and disorder, CNN anchors Lemon and Baldwin have claimed that these are absolutely not mobs and instead just individual’s exercising their “constitutional rights.” Unfortunately, the Constitution does not provide grounds for large groups to attack innocent people for disagreeing with their political views. That is mob violence.
By all standards of the definition of the word “mob,” the actions put on display throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation process and beyond are deserving of the mob label. These weren’t normal protesters, this was a large crowd of individuals who exhibited unruly, disorderly, and violent behavior. While the left may choose to reject this title, the American people should call it what it is, an angry mob." Donald Wilfong
The Mafia should be contemplating a  slander and defamation law suit against the Democrats for all the negativity it is getting from the word "mob."