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The Grand Torino Man

 Doctor Toms Rant - Blogged
There has been such an uproar and many articles already written about Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl Ad for Chrysler. I saw the ad and had no idea what this old man was trying to say. A bailed out auto company telling us that its product is wonderful because Detroit has bounced back up? Have you seen Detroit, a city run by Chicago style democrat bosses who have decimated the town? There are kudos from Axelrod, Pfeiffer, and even Gingrich! Rove was offended. But, everyone is being distracted from the real issues.

Unemployment is not really decreasing. Obama continues to lie everyday.
The manipulation and intentional mismanagement of labor statistics is abominable and so transparent.
We should be exposing the the Obama administration for what it is:

Some 2 minute ad in the middle of a football game should not be able to distract Americans from their ultimate goal, getting our country back from corrupt and deceitful people who only want power unto themselves, period.

By the way, did anyone ever remember that the coolest car Eastwood ever drove onscreen was a 1972 Gran Torino from the 2008 film of the same name. 
        The Gran Torino was built by un-bailed-out Ford and
                          “imported” from Lorain, Ohio. 


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