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What' Wrong With America Today:IN BASEBALL LINGO!

Most people won't take the time to read this all the way to the end. I hope that you will. 17 INCHES" - you will not regret reading this An excellent article to read from beginning to end. Twenty years ago, in Nashville, Tennessee, during the first week of January, 1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches desc ended upon the Opryland Hotel for the 52nd annual ABCA's convention. While I waited in line to register with the hotel staff, I heard other more veteran coaches rumbling about the lineup of speakers scheduled to present during the weekend. One name kept resurfacing, always with the same sentiment — “John Scolinos is here? Oh, man, worth every penny of my airfare.” Who is John Scolinos, I wondered. No matter; I was just happy to be there. In 1996, Coach Scolinos was 78 years old and five years retired from a college coaching career that began in 1948. He shuffled to the stage to an impressive standing ovation, wearing dark polyester pants, a light blue shirt, and a
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97% of whom ???

This the clearest (and not too long- and no math books were killed) explanation I have seen on the totally bogus claim that 97% of scientists agree on man-caused global warming. The article originally appeared in The Australian    Ian Plimer is  is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne. ------------------------------------------ Climate debate: 97pc of scientists agree on nothing IAN PLIMER It is often claimed that 97 per cent of scientists conclude that humans are causing global warming. Is that really true? No. It is a zombie statistic. In the scientific circles I mix in, there is an overwhelming scepticism about human-induced climate change. Many of my colleagues claim that the mantra of human-induced global warming is the biggest scientific fraud of all time and future generations will pay dearly. If 97 per cent of scientists agree that there is human-induced climate change, you’d think they would be busting a gut to v


The Truth About Tariffs And Red China "Our friend Christopher C. Hull has posted   a great article   on the Epoch Times featuring Brian Kennedy, chairman of the Committee for the Present Danger: China, Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Cruz, Rep. Chris Stewart and Steve Bannon explaining the threat from Red China and the pressing necessity to defeat it. Hull reports Gingrich said, the United States is “watching a revolution in strategic economic capabilities and a revolution in geographic location of power and all of it is being done while we sleepwalk.” “This is going to be a long-term struggle between a civilization that believes in liberty and a civilization that believes in authoritarianism with Chinese characteristics,” a clear reference to “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” the slogan used by CCP dictators from Deng Xiaoping to Xi Jinping. From our perspective the current trade negotiations and the tariffs President Trump is using to pressure the Red Chinese


Years ago George Carlin had many things right. Watch this video of him and how he explains the "planet." You can skip the ad unless you are one of those folks who buys everything, thinking you just must have it. Now there is a lot before he gets to the planet, but it's all funny since he was a strange guy. I just love his approach to the environmentalists and "saving the planet." BEWARE!!  There is some swearing in it and for those who are easily offended, just exit now. For those of you who are looking for some weird humor, you are in for a treat: ENJOY!!

What the Democrats Are Doing Now!

Everyone older than 30 knows what the Democrats have allowed themselves to become. They are now steered by their inner city crypto communist and socialist members. The ones fully embracing the total state. It's no longer debatable whether communists and Islamists filled the halls of power during Obama and Bill Clinton's tenures.  They run the deep state show now, with Bernie and Elizabeth barely able to keep up with the hard leftists coming up the pipeline. A O Cortez and actual semi-literates are winning seats in Congress and driving the Democrat agenda hard left, and Pelosi seems not to be able to deal with it. Government ownership and/or control of everything is their goal.  They will take the guns as soon as possible and then resistance will be impossible. They will give Islamic imperialism more room to breath in the US than it already has, and it will grow like a cancer. They no longer hide their anti-American agenda and espouse it everyday with Omar being the


Alma J. Warren Follow September 16, 2018


NO JOKE: Bernie Sanders Says He Would Let Boston Bomber Vote — From Jail (Watch) John Salvatore April 23, 2019 There are no words… Published 11 hours ago on Every proud American has a duty to make sure President Trump is re-elected simply so Democrat Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders never steps foot in the Oval Office.  His socialist policies would cause irreversible damage on America – and that’s the point. That is what progressives want to see happen.  Monday night on CNN, Bernie said he’d be cool with the Boston bomber voting from prison. But not just him. All prisoners. No joke. From  Daily Wire : Socialist Bernie Sanders said during a CNN Democratic town hall event that he would let the Boston Marathon bomber, sex predators, and murderers vote in U.S. elections while in prison. An audience member asked,  “ Would [you] support enfranchising people like the Boston Marathon bomber, a convicted terrorist and murderer?  Do you think those convicted of sexual